Naša Ponuda


1. Construction: steel, wood, OSB.
2. Complete wheels.
3. Drawbar for transport.
4. Insulations: vapor barrier, proofing, wind insulations (wall and roof).
5. Thermal insulation: 15 cm waterproof wool under the floor and on the attic.
6. Thermal insulation: 10 cm waterproof wool in the wall.
7. Double glazed PCV windows.
8. Terrace doors with movable bar.
9. Ventilators for air circulation.
10. Interior PVC window sills, external metal window sills.
11. Adjustable door frames.
12. Inner door in veneer.

13. Outside door: steel in veneer, insulated with wool.
14. Installations: water, sewers, electricity, ventilation, TV/SAT.
15. Electrical equipment: fuse box, switches, sockets.
16. Roof: Corrugated metal sheet, guttering PVC.
17. Floor: abrasion resistant PVC panel.
18. Mechanical ventilation in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
19. Ceiling and walls: PVC panels and strips.
20. Elevation: siding.

PRICE: EURO plus VAT (transport included in price)


All things from standard offer plus:
1. Lower kitchen cabinets with worktop.
2. Upper kitchen cabinets with LED lighting.
3. Sink
4. Under-counter refrigerator.
5. 2 burner electrical stovetop.
6. Kitchen fan.
7. Electric towel dryer.
8. Toilet.
9. Shower cabin with the Shower
10. Sink in bathroom.

PRICE: EURO plus VAT (transport included in price)


All things from economy offer plus:
1. Wardrobes in both bedrooms.
2. Beds with mattresses and containers for bedding.
3. Bedside cabinets in Big Bedroom.
4. Office Table and Chair in Smaller Bedroom
5. Window Curtains in Bedrooms
6. Window Curtains in Living Room
7. Commode in Living room.
8. Coffee table in Living Room
9. Table with four chairs in living room (only in mobile homes 12×3,5 and 12x4m).
10. Corner sofa with sleeping function and container for bedding.

PRICE: plus VAT (transport included in price)

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MICCO Mobile Homes uses the highest quality waterproof and fireproof polyurethane foam. Thanks to our unique manufacturing technology, the walls of our homes do not soak water! Moreover, water does not condense on the internal walls of the home.

All MICO Mobile Home Models are constructed on ONE axis which allows 90 degrees turns and easy transport and installation, even at difficult and steep terrains!
Transport for All MICO Mobile Home Models is included in the price!