About Micco

We are mobile homes manufacturer located in Poland-EU.

We manufacture mobile homes from the scratch. Our specialists keep a close eye on MICCO Mobile Homes manufacturing process that satisfy highest standards. MICCO Mobile homes are made of solid pre-made elements, which allows relatively fast frame construction and connection with other parts. We offer variety of mobile home models.

All MICCO Mobile Home Models are fully customizable, so every client can choose the home for himself. We are up to challenges and unconventional solutions!

Following current minimization, microarchitectural and downsizing trends MICCO Mobile Homes on wheels ensure practical and modern solution for non-urban lifestyle

MICCO Mobile Homes are the ideal solution for a car camp, land on the lake or in the mountains, as well as temporarily living solution for construction workers and real estate developer sale sites.

All MICCO Mobile Home Models come with waterproof and fireproof polyurethane foam (does not soak water!).

All MICO Mobile Home Models are constructed on ONE axis which allows 90 degrees turns and easy transport and installation, even at difficult and steep terrains!

Transport for All MICO Mobile Home Models is included in the price!